Auction Rules

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Auction Rules

Post by Churchill_x on Tue Feb 16, 2016 10:10 am

Here are the rules for the auction

1.1 - Squads must be between 18-20 anyone that goes over or under will be fined 5million and 3 points. You will start on £50m budget

1.2 - A list of players will be put up at the start of the auction weekend, there will be 2 lists, one that will open between 7:30pm friday night and close at 5pm saturday and the 2nd opening 7:30pm saturday, closing at 9pm sunday. ANY player that has had a bid 1 hours before the closing window will have extra time to bid e.g if you bid for Vardy at 4:58 on a saturday an hour will be added on, time will be continuously added until no bids have been made for an hour to give everyone a chance.

1.3 - Player's can be bought/sold between teams during transfer window only and one manager post's the deal and the other confirms. Also a player can not move more then once per window.

1.4 - You can loan players out for full season.

1.5 - When bidding on a player please make sure you state the player and how much.. bidding starts at 1m and rises at .5 per bid.

An example of how the auction will work -

Kaizer chiefs Jamie Vardy 1m
LA Galaxy Jamie Vardy 1.5m
Kaizer Chiefs Jamie Vardy 2m
Celtic Jamie Vardy 2.5m
you get the idea...

if somebody posts a bid at the same time as someone else for example both post 2m for vardy, the second bid will be deleted so please double check your bids!


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